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Fourth & Heart is on a mission to upgrade your pantry, starting with our line of five grass-fed ghee flavors. #FuelHappy. http://bit.ly/2sjH4Rq

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These Paleo Greek Nachos with Homemade Ghee Baked Tortilla Chips by @starinfinitefood has us excited for college football season starting in 6 weeks! 
Who’s your college team and who’s ready to dig into these nachos? 
We are elated that our Turmeric Ghee won “BEST GHEE” by @people and @peoplefood - thank you! 
Testers praised the clarified butter for its “crazy good” turmeric flavor, high smoke point and lactose-free properties. Said one: “I can imagine using it in so many different dishes.” #fuelhappy
Heading into the weekend ready for all the waffles! 
#fuelhappy 📷: @restoring_radiance
No bake nice cream pie made with Vanilla Bean Ghee - don’t mind if we do! 😋

#fuelhappy 📷: @foodcreationnation
No bake SALTED CARAMEL GRAHAM CRACKER BARS only four ingredients: ghee, coconut oil, chocolate and peanut butter by @bliss_by_ris 
Dessert for Breakfast - who else wants a slice of Peach Cobbler Toast?

Sautéed peaches in ghee with homemade cauliflower ricotta, bee pollen, granola and chia seeds by @thecuttingveg 
The garlic ghee trifecta: spinach, toast and a fried egg by @sweatspace 
How do you like to use our garlic ghee? 
Who else wants a bite of this French toast made with ghee then topped with a berry compote, honey, pecans and yogurt?! We’ll take seconds please @dieteticaesthetic! 
Broken yolk toast or heart toast that is the real question

#fuelhappy 📷: @gracesfoodfeed
Monday’s will never be the same after digging into this 5-minute cinnamon roll mug cake 😋 - you’ll thank us later 
#fuelhappy 📷: @sofreshnsogreeeeen
Have you entered @melissas_healthykitchen giveaway yet?

If not, head to her feed and enter by Saturday, June 29th for a chance to win these four jars of ghee! 
Our ghee comes from the green mountains of New Zealand

It’s packed with naturally occurring fatty acids and CLA, which can improve gut health as well as biochemistry 
#fuelhappy 📷: @paleo_fighting_sarcoidosis