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Who’s a #beautyboss you’d want me to talk to on the next @allure Podcast? [Also, thanks to @dermstore for the awesome panel today!] #everythingisanailartprop
Ok, first of all: the natural sunlight at the dpHue House is insanely gorgeous. Second, had such a great panel with @davisfactor from @smashboxcosmetics, @sunday_stills from @sundayriley, and @martinokner from @dphue. Thanks for hosting us @dermstore! ❤️
LOOK at who I ran into at the airport! It’s 👑 @iamsandraohinsta!! (The second pic shows my true internal joyful freakout 😱)
When you’re *EXTRA-extra* 🧖🏻‍♀️💦 Raise your hand if you’re THAT person on a plane 🙋🏻‍♀️
The return of The Tipsy Parisian! Messed up my rose quartz so did this look quickly in my office this morning. #michelleleenails
Answer fast! Florals or pastels for spring? #michelleleenails
Let’s talk acids! Did the @glowrecipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask again last night and usually do masks with acids at least once a week. This one has chemical exfoliating acid PHA. There are lots of different types of skin care acids like AHAs and BHAs. Do you regularly use acids? Any questions? #michelleleeskincare
Undereye Tips! I chill eye masks, among other things, because the cold can help reduce puffiness. I also use eye gel or serum for day instead of creams which tend to make my makeup run. Do you have other tips or products that you love for under eyes? Share below! #michelleleeskincare
Easter Ham Nails! 🐽 I don’t normally repeat looks but I had to do it! Did these this morning (note to vegetarians: these are actually Rose Quartz) 😂 #michelleleenails
Abstract Art Nails! I’m very into the idea of letting every nail be unique. Instead of repeating the same design on every finger or sticking to just one accent nail, pick your overall palette and go nuts with the design. This look that @misspopnails did on me a while ago is still one of my all-time faves. It blows my mind how each nail feels so original yet it’s still so cohesive! 🤯 #michelleleenails
Oh, the things I do to entertain you 😂  Testing the @nohj_official Pore Bubble mask. It starts out like a normal sheet mask but starts to bubble instantly after being exposed to oxygen. The thick foam reminds me of a bubble bath because you hear the little bubbles forming and popping, too. It’s really funny bc you wonder when it’s going to stop (not gonna lie, it started sudsing up my nose). Remove then wash off after 5-10 minutes. Any questions? #michelleleeskincare
WEEKEND GOALS, am I right? 😱😂 (An all-time great video by @lauraiz)