Sounds like a sax, plays like a sax, fits in your pocket & the Saxmonica app with Tutorials and backing tracks. Launching Kickstarter 20th March

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When you can’t find waves find a cool zone to jam. Northland New Zealand @riomillington
Saxmonica on thé top of the world play anytime anywhere meditation backing track live kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1162733765/saxmonica-generation-2?ref=Fundedtoday&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=fnd.to
Thank you out there. Saxmonica has just got a lot cooler.  Kickstarter link  fnd.to/saxmonica2.0
Saxmonica gen 2 on Kickstarter this week.  http://saxmonica.com/landing-page/
If you can’t find someone to jam with , get yourself a dog. I get the feeling he’s got the blues in him.  Saxmonica on Kickstarter next week.
Saxmonica generation 2 new lower tubes new backing tracks in a range of keys and more great features comming on the saxmonica app on kickstarter sign up http://saxmonica.com/landing-page/  https://soundcloud.com/saxmonica-music/sxmonica-generation2-backing-track
Space jazz meditation How sound & vibrations can elevate your life #hangdrum  backing track on saxmonica app
Space jazz méditation backing track hang drum n4 make your own feel good music on saxmonica app
A plastic pipe and a tin can. Music wherever you go. Saxmonica on Kickstarter next week.  Sign up to win a custom blinged out Generation 2. https://saxmonica.com/landing-page/
Give your spare time a new dimension.  Saxmonica gen 2 on Kickstarter next week.  Everybody can play the blues.  Saxmonica 🤣🤣🎶. Sign up now and maybe you can win a fully blinged out Gen 2 Saxmonica  https://saxmonica.com/landing-page/
Everyone can jam the blues , anywhere, anytime.  Sign up and go in the draw to win a fully blinged out Generation 2 saxmonica . Launching on Kickstarter 4th April  http://saxmonica.com/landing-page/
Who wins out of this tragedy. ???