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Visited Che Guevara’s childhood home in Córdoba, Argentina. Very interesting story.... Not a fan of communism; but it’s important to embrace history. And as the saying goes, “Those that don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.”
With Merlin at 35th chocolate festival in Argentina! 🇦🇷
Comment below what you would like to learn from our next episode of Advanced Lessons in Millennial Money💰 I hope all of you are enjoying and learning from our new series on YouTube! #MillennialMoney
Another day at the office! Hopefully inspiring others to grow their business.
In front of Dracula’s castle in Romania. Dracula was known as Vlad the Impaler. What a horrible way to die.
Filming with my friends from @clickfunnelshq
Having dinner with my good friend Jim Rickards while we do a book study on our own books 📖 great minds think alike💡🧠
If we continue on the same path-printing money-I predict we’re going to see the bubble POP🎈Swipe right for the visual on what we should expect to happen.
Why savers are LOSERS. #financialeducation
What better way to learn about real estate than on a cruise?
Reporting for duty... 🎙 @nyse @cheddar
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