Grammy Award WINNING. Gods the greatest ,Thank u TDE Thanks to MY family and fans I love U infinity #ripseth
Can’t forget where I came from. #NEVERSTOP
I absolutely have to make another #hndrxx album. ❤️
SUPER BOWL 53. Sheesh
🙏🏾 Blessings. Thanks for the love Thanks for the hate I hope your heart in the right place! U make me a better ME 🦅
@yogotti @elliottwilson CROWNS #thewizrd
❤️ Salute the DJ,Fans and stayed down,I’m going 10x harder. Promise u that 🦅
U use to always speak of me like I was larger than life.make me feel immortal..#thewizrd RIP OG DOUBLE D  I kno u still wit me on whatever Unk 😇
2012 @fudablackjew Witness this $hit..I told everyone words was powerful let’s speak it into existence...even he look back like damn bro u said it,I was tripping..long story short, I love u fu forever kid #RIPOGD he name me the wizard #RIPSETH I miss y’all to death on god n heaven I promise u that
No worries your secrets safe wit of honor LOSO X BIG FISH X PLUTO @cashxo
I dune made it without selling my soul.