Starbucks Coffee ☕


Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit -- one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.

The right amount of sweet. 
The right amount of cozy. 
The #CinnamonShortbreadLatte is just right. 💚
Cherries are red,
Roses are too.
Take a quick moment
to celebrate you. 💕
#CherryMocha #ValentinesDay
A chocolaty, cherry love note. 🍒🍫 #CherryMocha Regram: @loynodining
Roses are red, the stars are aligned. Find the perfect drink for your Valentine. ❤️
Check out our story for more.
Basing all of our weekend plans off this incredible cup art. 🗻  Regram: @art_dani
Which will you choose?
The subtle sweetness of Blonde Espresso 💛 or the bold taste of Signature Espresso 🖤 both shine in the Iced Americano.
Pop, pop, HOORAAAY! 🎉 Happy #NationalCakePopDay! 🎉
Blonde Espresso 💛 subtly sweet.
Signature Espresso 🖤 bold and roasty.

Our Flat White highlights the best of both.
Here's to what gets you going. ☕ Regram: @kapturethelight Drop by a store to pick some up: sbux.co/productlocator 📍 U.S. & Canada
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated his life to serving others. Honor his legacy this week by volunteering alongside your baristas and neighbors. 💚

Sign up for one of over 200 service events around the country with organizations like @unitedway and @themissioncontinues. Let @volunteermatch find an opportunity near you by visiting the link in our bio.
Mittens: a sure sign of hot chocolate season. ❄☕ Regram: @pas.si.belle
Choose your espresso, or let the espresso choose you.

Make the Flat White your own with subtly sweet Starbucks #BlondeEspresso 💛 or bold #SignatureEspresso 🖤. ⁣
📍 U.S. & Canada, at participating stores